Thursday, December 12, 2013

Top Performers 2013 Part 4

Products and people recognized for their top performance in 2013:

Ashley Ridge High School (under the direction of Bobby Behr and Adam Davis) won the state of South Carolina’s best soccer field award by the SCSTMA (South Carolina Sports Turf Managers Association) and Porter-Gaud School (under the direction of Michael Henry) won best multi-use field. Both of these grounds superintendents have won awards in the past and continue to do an outstanding job. Out of five awards given out, it was nice to see two of them awarded to schools right here in the Lowcountry.

Possum’s Spreader Sticker with ammonium sulfate and humic acid. This is a new surfactant that I developed this year to try to increase the speed in which the active ingredient gets into the plant and begins to work. Whether you are using a herbicide to kill a weed or a fungicide to control a disease, this product can increase the speed of the control product. Some people have lowered the rates of the control product because of the increased efficacy they get while using this additive. When using a herbicide, they also notice a quicker kill. With all the rain, Possum’s Spreader Sticker helped the control product become rain fast sooner.

07-00-09 Palm, Citrus Fertilizer, and anything else Fertilizer. We have sold this fertilizer for palms and sago’s for many years with great success. A commercial palm grower who move away from this area, gives this product high accolades every time I run into her at a trade shows along with many other people. Since citrus like magnesium to help hold their blooms on the tree, this product has worked great on citrus as well. Since the nitrogen and potassium are 100% slow release and this fertilizer is loaded with minor nutrients, 07-00-09 will help out many types of turf or plants.

Back To Nature product line is a perennial powerhouse. Cotton Burr Compost, Flower Bed Amendment, Nature’s Blend, Cow Manure, and Chicken Manure are often imitated but never duplicated. “There’s cheap compost. There’s good compost. But there’s no good cheap compost.”