Sunday, December 1, 2013

Top Performers 2013 Part 2

Here are some more top performers from 2013:

Growth regulators helped out with plants and pests this year. Bed bug, roach and flea control success has been greatly increased by the addition of growth regulators. Casey, the new general manager running Possum’s North Charleston store, says, “some times it is hard to sell the growth regulator (Gentrol) to the customer trying to control bed bugs; however, once they use it their success rate goes way up.”
Bob, the general manager running Possum’s Mt Pleasant store, had similar success with customers controlling fleas outdoors. The addition of a growth regulator to a contact kill product greatly increased the success of managing a pest population.
Growth regulators help to break up the life cycle of the insect by preventing the insect from reproducing.   
With all the rain plant growth regulators helped many contractors and brave homeowners control the growth of their plants or turf with a control product instead of a mower or hedge trimmer. With all the rain this spring, some yards were hard to keep maintained with a mower because they were too wet. The right application of a plant growth regulator can easily cut your need to mow in half to even a quarter of the frequency that you usually mow. If you do not want to do your whole yard, consider doing the edges along your sidewalk, driveway, and bed lines. Less edging means more time for other activities.
The growth of your shrubs can also be controlled by plant growth regulators. Less hedging means more time for other activities. Just think no hedging (extension cord?), no clean up, no paper bag by street – priceless.

Surrender Fire Ant Killer still smells but still effective! The old 75% Acephate product (most people just called it Orthene back in the day) is still a big seller for mound treating fire ants of Matt (general manager of Possum’s West Ashley store). With all the rain, fire ant mounds were prolific.

MaxForce Magnum for roach control is one of those products that friends tell friends about. Customers will walk up to the counter and say, “my neighbor (substitute brother, sister, cousin, guy I drink beer with, girlfriend, buddy, mother, father, person I go to church with … you get the idea) says I need to try MaxForce Magnum.” Invict Gold Cockroach Gel is a great product to rotate with to introduce a new bait matrix and new active ingredient to avoid bait aversion.