Sunday, December 8, 2013

Top Performers 2013 Part 3

Top performers continued from last week.

Rain gear. With all the rain we had, everyone needed something to keep dry!

Weed Free Zone broadleaf herbicide (small sizes) or SpeedZone Southern (large sizes). With almost 100 broadleaf weeds on the label, this product will certainly help you get to that ‘weed free lawn’ everyone is after. Weed Free Zone is available in several sizes and formulations to meet your needs. Having been accused of always looking for a good value (cheap), I always used the concentrate; however, since I started my war with Virginia Creeper (a vine), I like the squirt bottle that is ready to spray. I can pull the aggressive vine out of my tree or bottle brush and spray it without having to mix up a tank of concentrated product.

Triple Action Plus for the organic gardener. Whether you are after black spot on roses or leaf miners in citrus leaves, Triple Action Plus is the product for you. A combination of pyrethrins and neem oil really does a good job on insects, disease, and mites. Triple Action Plus is considered safe enough to use up to the day of harvest (of vegetables and fruit).

Triple Action for hurting lawns. SeaHume G, Cotton Burr Compost and 15-00-15 fertilizer resurrected many lawns from the brink of death this year. All that rain really took a toll on many lawns not only because of the moisture, but also because of the reduced light hours.

Triple Action for hurting shrubs and trees. SeaHume G, Flowerbed Amendment and 17-00-09 fertilizer helped many shrubs and trees get a new lease on life.

Wolf Garten Pole Pruner and attachments. With all the rainfall, trees grew like crazy. People really needed a quality pole saw that was affordable to keep limbs from rubbing on their home, and Wolf Garten has one. Wolf Garten has all these attachments that makes this a wonderful ‘system’ for the Do It Yourselfer or the commercial landscaper.

Nitrile Disposable Gloves. The old Doctor gloves are now used by every one for a variety of activities. Great to have around for any ‘dirty’ job.