Monday, December 26, 2011

Moles - part 3

Happy New Year and may your yard have less mole damage in 2012. Moles are such a hot topic in this winter, so I figured I needed to expand on some other crucial points in dealing with the dreaded varmint.

Since I did not ask his permission to use his name, I will just call him the “Coke man”. The “Coke man” saw me one day and said, “Billy, watch out with that Mole Patrol. I killed a popular mole and ten moles came to his funeral!”

If a mole dies, moles will take over the tunnel system and territory of another mole. The three pronged approach works to deter this re-infestation (kill the mole, manage its food source, and repel curious intruders). Any of you Lowcountry dwellers that have ever swam in pluff mud know how hard it must be for the mole to tunnel through compacted soil, so if some other mole can do the hard work, why not move in to their habitat? If you just kill the mole, a new one will move in in about three to eight weeks.

As when you go fishing, hunting, or (for the ladies) shopping, you do not catch, kill, or buy something every time you cast, hunt, or go into a store. Baiting or trapping moles takes persistence. You may have to bait more than one time to be successful. Here are a few comments from people that were successful:

“Recommended Mole Patrol – Great stuff! Kills moles. Found 3 dead moles above ground just days after treatment.” Rick Clark

“Mole Patrol – Awesome, I had 40-50 tunnels in the yard. In 7-10 days, all moles were gone!” Mike Lamm

“The other product that works great is Mole Patrol. Once I got the knack of getting the product in the right tunnels without collapsing them, and touching the product. It really kills the moles. I will go about 7-8 weeks without seeing a single mole track and when they pop up, I bait again and there are no more tracks for another 7-8 weeks. I don’t like the way moles can tear up your yard in a single day. The Mole Patrol does not keep them out but sure makes their stay very short.” Robert Felts, Studio Cielo (sounds like Robert needs to try that three pronged approach to keep them out)

With baits as with any product following the label is crucial. I got a call from a customer one time that was putting way too much bait in the tunnel, and she was having poor results. She was really mad at these moles! Just like fishing, you do not want a huge piece of cut mullet to try to catch a small bream. We adjusted her rate down and she got great results. In her words, “Mole Patrol-if you know how to apply it, it will work perfect. I sold a lot of this product to my customers and they were very happy with the results.”Barbara Loza, B & L Landscaping.

Always read, understand and follow product label. The product label is a Federal Law.