Monday, December 5, 2011

Excellerator Provides Great Results in Lowcountry Soils

Excellerator (Excell for short) is a new product that has been bringing the Lowcountry gardener many good results over the past year. Excell is granular specialty micronutrient fertilizer that contains 39% Silicon along with many other micronutrients that has helped produced ‘green” where there was no “green” before the application.

Mike Williams, head grounds keeper for the Charleston Riverdogs, introduced us to the product about 2 years ago. Mike wanted to try to get some added micronutrients into his sand based soil he has at Joe Riley Park and get the benefits of the Silicon.

In 2011 we started selling this product across our whole customer base at Possum’s with very positive feedback. Excell has helped high sodium soils, weak lawns, ‘green up’ off color shrubs and trees, reduce insect and disease attack, lowered water needs (by about 20%), improved fertilizer results, improved recovery of damaged turf, and much more. People have been very impressed with the color and vigor of their turf.

Excell contains 39% Silicon (the highest concentration in the industry), 24% Calcium, 6% Magnesium, 1.8% Iron, 0.50% Manganese, and trace amounts of Boron, Copper, Zinc, and Molybdenum. These micronutrients feed and strengthen the plant and also improve many other processes and responses within the plant and in the soil.

Excell promotes soil flocculation (many small particles coming together to form large particles) and aggregation which helps the air to water ratio in the soil. Roots like air in the soil, and roots will grow deeper into the soil as long as there is air, creating a more drought resistant plant. The roots can also ‘mine’ more nutrients out of the soil with an increased, dense root system.

Silicon promotes the excretion of growth hormones like cytokines, gibberellins, auxins, and manitols enhancing cell division and elongation. Silicon promotes better entrance of nutrients into the plant and also makes sure they get distributed correctly in the plant. Chewing insects have shown an aversion to plants high in Silicon. Silicon also helps the immune system of the plant, making it more resistant to disease.

Excellerator can give my yard less disease, less chewing insects, greener, healthier plants and turf, save 20% on water bill, and much, much more. Sounds like a great present to me!

Remember now is the best time to soil test to be ready for 2012.

Always read, understand and follow product label. The product label is a Federal Law.