Monday, December 12, 2011

Moles Anyone?

Moles are really active once again. Every year I try not to write about them because I have been writing about them for over twenty years; however, when the question keeps popping up, I figure many other people have the same question. When people leaving messages on my phone asking me to a party and slip in at the end, “and hey, what do I do about this mole tearing up my yard?” I had a supplier from Alabama ask me about moles in his yard! Of course eating out, walking the dog, or being in any public place or gathering, the conversation of the tiny, devastating, ever eating, little mammal comes up. I also noticed sales at Possum’s of mole killing, repelling, starving, and smoking out of tunnels has gone through the roof the last few weeks.

Termites eat millions of dollars of structures a year. Cockroaches are nasty and cause problems for asthma sufferers. Rats, mice and squirrels eat wires in homes causing fires, and tear up duct work and insulation increasing your power bill. Gnats, mosquitoes and fire ants are biting and or sucking the blood out of you sometimes resulting in death and still do not raise the questions that the mole does.

The mole stays underground most of the time, destroying the beauty of your lawn and beds with tunnels – that’s it. We work hard to get a nice yard and they destroy it – Game on! Moles are definitely a big problem for this area.

Since moles are a mammal, they are a little harder to control than insects or other things that bother us in the yard. With insects you can use products that affect insects and do not affect mammals. With moles you have to be careful not to harm other mammals in your yard like children and pets.

Trapping moles is one option. Some people are very good with traps and are highly successful at catching moles; however, most people are not as skilled. Having traps in your yard might also attract the curiosity of other mammals (children and pets) that you do not want to injure. If you trap moles, you still want to control your mole cricket and grub population that could damage your turf.

We have heard many success stories with the Rodent Smoke Bombs. The bombs involve lighting a fuse and smoke, everyone’s dream way to get revenge on these rascals. At first I thought this was more of a “manly man” (Bubba) activity; however, we have had quite a few sophisticated looking females boasting their triumph over the mole with these smoke bombs. Limit their use to outdoors and please be careful. With the Rodent Smoke Bombs you do not have to be as skilled; however, you will still want to manage the insects in your soil that damage turf (mole crickets and grubs).

The mole takes several weeks to control and write about, so I will continue next week.

Always read, understand and follow product label. The product label is a Federal Law.