Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Early Season Mowing - Remove Brown Grass

Alright, I guess I will give the soil amendment standards at least a week off. I have heard from the critic (anyone that is married knows who I’m talking about), and the recent articles were too technical, boring, like reading a boring college organic chemistry text book…

I thought my readers would love to read some of the technical stuff, occasionally, especially when the topic was mulch, compost, alleviating compaction, amending the soil and other situations we deal with in the yard regularly.

For future articles and for my growth as a writer, do you, the reader, like a little technical information every now and then? This was my first attempt in 19 years of writing to be so technical and I thought it was important because I deal with these issues on a daily basis.

If you could log on to, email a store, and let me know if you are ok with some technical information on occasion, I would appreciate it. A response will not be used against my critic. I already lost that battle (anyone that is married knows who I’m talking about) a long time ago!

Now a question:

Hope all is well with you. In my case, I mow with a mulching mower so I don’t collect clippings during the year. For the first mowing of the season, do you typically recommend mowing shorter than normal (maybe one setting) and collecting the clippings or does that matter? I’ve already mowed once to even up the grass, but it didn’t really need mowing.

Congratulations, you must be using a preemerge product for winter weeds or you would be mowing weeds! A lot of people will mow lower and collect the clippings to get rid of the "brown" in the grass. Not needed for good grass, just appearance. Your mulching mower should be fine.

If you have a whole lot of brown grass that does not look like it is going to decompose in a reasonable amount of time, borrowing a bagging mower may be a good option for the first cut. Get back to your mulching mower as soon as possible, so your grass benefits from the returned organic matter and nutrients.

With core (pull a plugs verses punch a hole) aeration time rapidly approaching, there are several products you can add to your lawn while there are holes in it that will greatly improve your lawn. I will cover those next week.