Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Resolutions - Custom Program

Here are a few New Year’s Resolutions for the Gardener:

Bring a soil test to Possum’s and get on a Custom Program for 2013. I usually would not write such a direct plug for my business, but with all the Yard of the Month, Field of the Year and Most Improved Yard accolades our customers have been sharing with us, I feel I need to mention the Custom Program. I have been writing these programs in the Lowcountry for over 23 years (including my days in Hilton Head) with great results. If you are not use to gardening in the Lowcountry, the custom program provides a roadmap for your yard care. If you do not have a plan, the Lowcountry landscape is a very difficult road to navigate (full of fungus, insects, weeds and terrible soils).

The Custom Program addresses your soil conditions (for healthy plants and turf) and has timely suggestions on when to apply products to take care of weeds, insects and disease in an environmentally friendly, proactive way. The Custom Program emphasizes a healthy landscape from the soil up is the best defense against weeds, disease, insects, and general landscape failure.

Here are a few comments by customers about the Custom Program:

“Through Possum’s soil analysis program our yard has improved immensely.  We were one of three “Yard of the Quarter” winners in Dunes West. ”  David and Deborah Oyster

“With fertilizer, pest and disease control program everything worked great and we won “Yard of the Month” in Dunes West.  The 15-00-15 with its secret ingredients, lawn insect control, Cleary’s 3336 fungicide and Deer Stopper worked great for us!” 
Merrill Craven

“Helped rid yard of fungus damage, chinch bug damage.  Deep green, healthy, lush look and texture.  A lawn program is far better than random purchases at discount store.  Cotton Burr compost is noticeably effective within 1-2 weeks.  Worth the price.”  Eugene V. Babich

“Possum’s soil test and monthly program has turned a weak sickly lawn into lush dark green lawn – winning a Letter of Award from Park West for Landscape Appearance.”  Pat Piglia

“The Best!  Cookbook program very user friendly—plus the support!!”
Bernard Arnold, O.D.

“Great, explaining what to do in my yard at the proper time of year”.  Bess Knight

“Possum’s Fertilizers with their secret ingredients are far better than Scott’s fertilizer-no doubt about it and I used Scott’s for a long time.” Jim Bayne

“Great products for my lawn.  15-00-15 Lawn Food!  My lawn never looked better!  Better than Scotts!  Great Products!”  George Bryant

“I had mostly depended on Home Depot for yard treatment, before finding out about Possum’s. I went to Possum’s and explained my yard issues. They got me on a regular schedule with treatments. Now my yard is the greenest and prettiest in the neighborhood.  Possum’s is the only place I’ll go.” Julia Jacobs 

“Possum’s has been Great! They have helped me identify the right solution for every need. Thanks for helping us win Yard Of The Month! The Corn Gluten and Cotton Burr Compost really worked well for us.” Bill Hann

“I heard of Possum’s by word of mouth and on the radio, so I decided to try them. I had used different products and companies in the past with poor results. Possum’s tailored a program for my different grasses and I have been following the programs now for several years with great results. Possum’s products and customer service are awesome. Thanks! The SeaHume, Cotton Burr Compost and especially ‘The Program’ worked great for us.” Mike Matthews

“The customer service is excellent. So many products are in 50 lb bags, which I can not lift. The staff at Possum’s gladly breaks down these large bags into sizes I can lift. Kathy Davis

“I’m the Landscape Superintendent at Lowndes Grove Plantation and I followed Possum’s recommendations. WOW! What a beautiful result! Within a week my boss was saying what a great job I did. Possum’s made me look like a hero! Thanks Possum’s!!” Kathy Hartman – this property won The City Paper’s Best of Award for best lawn to take a nap on!

They then furnish a printout that offers a monthly schedule of specific amendments to make the soil improve it’s condition.—Best garden money ever spent!”  Cynthia Webb

Larry Taylor noted Bill Lamson-Scribner’s (Possums’ owner) weekly column and weekly radio show called “The Garden Clinic,” Saturday’s from 9:00-11:00 a.m. on 94.3 WSC FM.  Larry finds the show informative as well as entertaining.

“Every year 1/3 of my front yard would turn brown and die from fungus.  After using products from Possum’s for my St. Augustine grass for 1 year, my lawn is lush and green – no brown spots”.  William Allinger

“Possum’s has helped me by informing me of new and improved products for my lawn and flower beds. The cotton burr flower bed mulch with amendments has been a superior product for my rose garden. I have had healthier bushes with more blooms since I began using this product.” Dr. Herman B Daniell 

“Possum’s has provided us a plan to improve our yard by eliminating weeds and chasing away the moles. We used a lawn service for two years and decided to try maintaining it ourselves due to lack of improvement by the lawn service. In one year with Possum’s we saw more results than in two years with the lawn service. We are true believers in Possum’s. Holy Moley chased the moles away and are saving our yard from the beagle chasing them.” Betty Niermann St. John’s Catholic School

 “The company is incredible, A+!  Every time I call them they always have the answers for my pest infestations or any other questions related with chemicals.  Bill came to my job sites and actually told me what product to use in certain turfs.  I recommend a lot of people to try this company.  Mole Patrol-if you know how to apply it, it will work perfect.  I sold a lot of this product to my customers and they were very happy with the results.” Barbara Loza, B & L Landscaping.

“I had pretty much killed most of my grass by trying to use chemicals and fertilizers that I wasn’t familiar with.  Out of desperation, I took a soil sample into Possum’s and got on the monthly program.  Now, just 6 months later, my yard looks amazing and has almost completely filled in the spots that I had killed.”
“Mole patrol has worked particularly well for me.  But the best thing in particular is the monthly program that takes all the stupid out of lawn care.”  Trey Strock

“By using the 15-00-15 fertilizer, my yard has looked healthier than it ever has in the 4 years we have owned the home.  The April application lasted until end of July/early August.  My grass has a higher density and looks all around healthier.  I hope the pre-emergent proves to be as helpful.” Cindy Sanders

“Possum’s recommended fertilizers for my yard and shrubs and had excellent results with their products.  The blooms on my myrtles were fantastic!  The bottle brush bushes are looking fantastic!”  Gary Gesel 

“Provided month by month application of fertilizer and weed control to give a good looking green lawn by mid-summer”.  Tom Geraghty

“My lawn was 2 year old construction when I moved in.  It was in horrible shape.  I took a soil sample to Bill, got a program – the difference is unbelievable!”  
Eddy Swinson 

Many more Testimonials are available at the three stores and Will a Custom Program from Possum’s guide you in 2013?

To balance my above community service message (plug), go through all of the old products you have in your garage and identify why and when you purchased them and if they are products that still can be used. Use these products first chance you get (stay away from Possum’s and new products), saving you money and making room for new and improved products.

Thank You and Happy New Year!