Monday, February 14, 2011

Spring Time is Coming

The late winter / early spring is a very critical time of year in the landscape. A lot of project work can be done now to make the rest of the year easier. Some planning will also go a long way towards making your landscape tasks run smoother.

If you have some disease prone plants that you plan to rake the mulch out from under for sanitation purposes (ex. Roses), add preemergent products and SeaHume after you have remove the mulch. If the mulch is going to stay in place, you can add your preemergent and SeaHume right over the top of the existing mulch.

With your turf areas, get up the leaves and other winter debris before you apply preemergent products and SeaHume. A blanket of leaves will throw off the uniformity of your application, resulting in spotty results.

The new ethanol / gas blend is hard on small engines. Ethanol is an alcohol that attracts moisture from the air. This moisture can give you engine trouble with your lawn mower, string trimmers, chain saws, edgers, blowers, boat motors….any small engine.

Before the season for mowing begins, you may want to start your mower and be sure it is ready to mow. If you wait until April, your small engine mechanic might be backed up for weeks.

Getting a general inspection for your mower and other gas powered equipment is a good idea during this late winter time frame. A new blade for the mower, spark plugs and new air filters (if needed) always makes pulling that cord nicer when you are ready to use your equipment. Again, beat the crowds at the small engine repair shop.

Get ready to mow down the Liriope (monkey grass). Hedge shears or a lawn mower with a sharp blade is great for doing this. Holly fern and cast-iron plant will also benefit from cutting back to remove old discolored foliage.

Plants grow. Redefining bed lines, removing plants, adding plants, changing plants and removing or adding grass is just like buying new shoes for an adolescent child. The landscape is dynamic and ever changing. Get these changes made now before the temperatures become your enemy.

Wait for the water oaks and the live oaks to drop their leaves and finish any pruning projects or new plantings before you freshen up your mulch. Remember to prune your ground covers as well as your trees and shrubs. New fresh mulch and oak leaves do not get along.


Always read, understand and follow product label. The product label is a Federal Law.