Monday, February 7, 2011

Early Spring To Do List

The days are getting warmer, and people are ready to start doing something outside in their yards. I’m going to try to keep this as a list without too many details, so I can get more tasks listed. If you have any specific questions, contact a Possum’s and they can help you further or get me a message. The Super Bowl is over, The Daytona 500 and SEWE is coming up, and March Madness is just around the corner, so “Git er done” while you have a chance.

Stop small seeded summer annual weeds now with a preemergent herbicide. Get them before they get you. Winter weeds are emerged; however, summer annual weeds have not come up. Use a preemergent now and get summer weeds before they emerge. Use a preemergent in turf and beds, so you are not battling weeds. We even have an organic product that affects the young root system of a developing weed. PREEMERGE NOW!

Did you forget about some daffodil bulbs someone gave to you or you purchased? Get them in the ground ASAP! Plant them with a tablespoon of SeaHume and a tablespoon 04-04-04, and watch them take off.

Have any planting, transplanting, rearranging, or new landscaping to do? The time is now! Plants are getting ready to put on new growth, so if you want to move or plant them, this is the time to do it before they have that flush of new growth. Depending on the size of the plant, some SeaHume, Transfilm, and 04-04-04 will help the plant get established in its new home.

Properly pruning Crepe Myrtles and other trees is important at this time. Before the tree uses the energy to put out new foliage, prune off the limbs that need to be removed. Please do not top Crepe Myrtles or any other trees. Look for weak crotch angles (limbs that attach like a V instead of a U), rubbing limbs, diseased limbs, limbs that are growing through the trees interior, and dead limbs.

Pruning spring flowering shrubs can be tricky at this time. Most of them have set their buds by now, so you do not want to remove your flower show by mistake. Plants that are more for screening and not grown for their flowers can be pruned at this time. Remember, if you have the room, shrubs can be limb up into small trees, and you can let them grow instead of constantly pruning them to reduce their size.

Lime / Sulfur is a great spray for plants without leaves (deciduous) like roses and blueberries. Lime / Sulfur can be sprayed on the plant and the surrounding mulch to kill overwintering fungi. Think of getting a jump on black spot on roses.

Dormant oil products can be used on plants with leaves or without leaves. Horticultural oil products have been used for years to control overwintering insects and are considered to be friendly to the environment. Get a jump on scale, mites and white flies, oh yeah.

If these warmer days are begging you to get out in the yard and spread something, get out your preemergent product and some SeaHume and your landscape will thank you for months to come.

Control those moles!!!!

Always read, understand and follow product label. The product label is a Federal Law.