Monday, July 10, 2017

Two Great Natural Pet Products

Horticulture Hotline 07/10/17
By Bill Lamson-Scribner

Dog Rocks and Pet Remedy continue to help pet owners and win awards.

Pet Remedy is a natural de-stress and calming product for mammals and birds. This stuff is amazing! Pet Remedy works by enhancing production of GABA, a natural chemical produced by the brain, transmitted from nerve to nerve as a calming message when the body is stressed.

Animals can be stressed by fireworks, travel, separation, thunder, trips to the vet, surgery, cone on the head, new pet in home, new home, loud noises, loss of companion, … Pet Remedy has become a great substitute for ‘Doggy Downers’ around my house. I’m always afraid he is going to hurt himself on those pills (Ace).

Ol’Boy, my beloved 14 year old pound hound, recently had surgery. He had to wear ‘The Cone’. He was pacing, anxious and panting. I had pills for him, but I decided to try the natural product first. Pet Remedy calmed him down immediately – I also think it affected me too! A few days later it was fireworks – with Pet Remedy no problem. Then early Monday morning the true test came. A huge thunder storm hit the Lowcountry. Ol’Boy was up and digging in the carpet. In the past thunder would have involved the ‘Thunder Jacket’, a lot of petting and ‘good boys’ and possibly the ‘Doggy Downers’. One squirt with Pet Remedy he stopped shaking and digging and was right back to sleep.

Pet Remedy can be used on everything from horses to ferrets. If it didn’t come from the Dog Rocks people, I would have never tried it. I’m glad I did! Pet Remedy works right away. With pills the thunder could have pasted before the pills started to work then you have a drunk dog for hours and the thunder is long gone.

Dog Rocks are these crazy rocks that come from Australia. When put in your dog’s drinking water bowl or bowls, they treat the water with something (not harmful to your pet) that prevents those nasty yellow urine spots in your lawn. Often these yellow spots turn into dead grass.

I was introduced to Dog Rocks by a friend living in London that has 2 spaniels and a very small yard. Dog urine almost killed her whole yard. Dog Rocks worked great for her, so we began carrying them. Dog Rocks have worked great here as well.

Sometimes we move items around in the Possum’s Stores. When people that regularly use Dog Rocks come into the store and we have moved the display of Dog Rocks, the look of horror that comes across the customer’s face tells the story – oh no, not those nasty yellow and dead areas in my lawn again!

The key to success with Dog Rocks is that the dog gets all his water from water that is treated with the rocks. No toilet drinkers here. Dogs that drink out of coolers at the beach or on the boat or eat a lot of ice do not get as good results. Dogs that drink out of bowls with the rocks get great results.

Always read, understand and follow product label. The product label is a Federal Law.