Monday, May 2, 2016

A Check List For The Early Spring

Here is a quick list of questions about events in the yard.

Soil tested?  Custom Program written? Apply the products that your soil needs instead of guessing. Doing soil tests are cheaper and provide better results than random applications. Why do you think farmers with hundreds of acres soil test?

Lawn Mower – sharp (new) blade, new ethanol free gas, new oil, new air filter, new spark plug for season?

Prune azaleas, camellias and other spring flowering plants after they bloom? Wait on Gardenias for now.

Trees need pruning? Growing strong out to the tips of the limbs? Plenty of new foliage?

Fertilized your trees and shrubs? 17-00-09, 08-02-04 (organic), Professional feeding?

Fertilize daffodils and spray them with Mighty Plant for bigger bulbs next year. Leave the leaves (foliage) to collect sunlight to refurbish bulb for next year.

Huge fleshy leaves on new growth of camellias and azaleas? Leaf gall? Remove infected leaves and destroy.

Is Powdery mildew attacking roses, crepe myrtles, dogwoods?  Neem PY (organic), Honor Guard

Large Patch Fungus in turf – get an early start – prevention is cheaper than curative. Fame, Cleary’s 3336, and Prophesy are a few chemical controls. Crab Shells, Serenade, and Natures Blend are organic controls that “fix” the problem.

Adult mole crickets are mating – manage them. Lebanon Insect Control or Intice Bait.

Fire ants are starting to forage – manage them.  Lebanon Insect Control, Baits.

Grubs are near the surface – manage them.  Lebanon Insect Control, Grub X.

Scale insects are really bad. It seems like they get worse every year. Safari Tree and Shrub for quick knockdown and Dominion for long term control.

For trees and shrubs with perennial insect problems consider Dominion Tree and Shrub.
Get a “jump” on fleas this year. Lebanon Insect Control, Bug Blaster outside. Precor 2000, Alpine Flea Insecticide with IGR or Ultracide all have an adulticide as well as a growth regulator and are labeled for indoor use. Prefurred Plus to apply to pet.

Plant a vegetable garden?

Plant a flower garden?

If you applied preemergent in February, it is time for your second application (depending on the rate and product you used the first time). Remember the ornamental beds!

The leaves have fallen – new mulch?

Fertilized Palm Trees with 07-00-09 (the most awesome Palm Fertilizer)?

Tested your well water? With over seven years of drought, many are getting salty.

Pruned holly fern, cast iron plant, and monkey grass (Liriope)?

Moles? Mole Patrol, Traps, Repellex.

Always read, understand, and follow product label – it is a Federal Law.