Monday, April 13, 2015

Horticulture Homerun

If you are reading this column, I imagine you have an interest in gardening. Well, this is an opportunity to hit a gardening homerun. The Charleston Lowcountry Rose Society’s 23rd annual Rose Show is going to be at Cypress Gardens on Saturday, April 25, 2015, from 1:00 to 4:30. The Rose Show is dedicated to Dr. Frank Heinsohn whose name is well known in the rose community both locally and beyond. Photography is a new section of competition this year. For more information go to

What a deal! For only 10.00 (adults), 9.00 (seniors), 5.00 (children) you can see the cypress swamps (even take a boat ride), butterfly house, turtles, reptile house, walking trails, gardens and all the other many attractions of Cypress Gardens  plus ROSES! There will be roses from world class exhibitors as well as backyard enthusiast. If you are photographer, you can take a picture of anyone’s rose and even Photoshop it! Again for more information go to

What a fun time of year in the garden. Lawn is going from brown to green (transition), trees are leafing out, and shrubs are putting on new growth. Mosquitoes are coming out hungry, fire ants are foraging, mole crickets are tunneling and mating, fleas are attacking the pet and aphids are attacking new growth on shrubs.

I always know when the new growth is coming out on the azaleas and camellias. At Possum’s we get flooded with questions about large deformed leaves on mainly sasanqua camellias and some azaleas. The old leaf gall has struck again.

Hopefully, you or your neighbors oak tree has done all the leave and tassel dropping it is going to do for another year and you can put out a fresh layer of mulch (be careful not to build up the mulch too thick) for the spring.

I’m seeing some beautiful containers and hanging baskets as I travel around the area. Try some Hydrostretch to help hold moisture in your pots, so you will not have to water so often and your plants will not wilt so quickly.

Carpenter Bees have been making many people’s life miserable with their buzzing around and drilling into wood weakening it and exposing it to the elements.

Palms and Sago palms are going to be pushing out new growth soon. Be sure you get a real palm fertilizer and not one that someone in marketing is calling a palm fertilizer (yes, it happens).

I have seen some scale in its crawler stage. This is a good time to control them.

Always read, understand and follow product label. The product label is a Federal Law