Sunday, March 2, 2014

Choosing a Lawn Care Company, Landscaper or Pest Control Company


Spring is just around the corner and I’m ready to work out in my yard!  My problem is that I have limited time and lots of yard problems.  I have ants, weeds, and I need to put out a preemergent.  My dog also had fleas last year.  I was wondering if there is a product that will do all of these at once, or if I have to do them separately?  I would prefer to use a granular, but I could spray if I have to. Will you recommend a lawn care company to me?

I have been hit with some variation of this question a lot recently. Since we sell to many different companies, it is best to ask your friends.

Unfortunately there is not one granular product that would be able to treat all of these issues at once; however you could mix certain control products together and take care of the issues you have.  In order to tank mix different control products, you need to make sure the products are compatible with each other.  Also, you must calibrate your sprayer to make sure you are getting the proper amount of product out, in the given amount of square feet according to the product labels.  Knowing the correct amounts to put into the sprayer to control what you are trying to control is critical.  Does this all sound “Greek” to you?

Since you said you do not have much time, have you ever considered a professional lawn service?  They regularly mix several control products together to control many issues in the lawn at one time.  They are licensed by the state to apply control products and they apply control products on a daily basis.  Many applicators have years of experience putting out products as well.   Most companies have different programs where they will either treat your yard on an “on call” basis, quarterly program, or complete yearly programs.  Check with the individual companies for what they have to offer. 

When choosing a lawn care company or any contractor, it is good to get references from neighbors and friends.  With lawn care companies, it is especially important to find one that is doing good work in your neighborhood.  Most applicators that work for a lawn care company have a route in a certain area and different applicators have different abilities and experience.  If you sign up with a company who is doing your neighbors two doors down, chances are you will get the same applicator that they have. 

 Sometimes it is easier to “Let your fingers do the walking” or check Angie’s List! 

You still have time to preemerge, since the soil temperatures are still cool.

Always read, understand and follow product label. The product label is a Federal Law.