Monday, July 1, 2013

Prevention and Protection Part 5

The Magnolia trees seem to be extra fragrant this year. I do not know if it because the thick humid air or what, but while walking around, you can tell when you are down wind.  I do not know the last time I was in the perfume aisle of a department store (or for that matter in a department store in general), but someone should come up with a Scents of the South perfume line. Magnolia, Gardenia, and Tea Olive would be the opening line up with Banana Shrub for the teens. These perfumes might already exist, I would not know.
You could also have the Scents of Charleston for the Redneck – 2 day old shrimp bait balls, low tide, crabs in trash Sunday and trash pick-up on Friday plus 95 degrees, deer guts and well, I’ll let you fill in the rest.

Japanese Beetles are munching on the roses and crepe myrtles with a vengeance. The beetle usually eats between the veins leaving this nice lacey leaf behind. Treating them while they are grubs in the soil (prevention), will lower the population and help your grass and plants. The grubs are root feeders of the grass and other plants. Dominion does a great job of controlling the grubs when used in August, April, May, or June. In August and April they are smaller and easier to control. Sevin and Dylox are also good choices. Milky Spore is an organic solution.

When they are adult beetles, Cyonara and Bifen work really well. IC3 is a National Organic Program (NOP) approved product that will also provide good control. When treating adults with the amount of rain we are having, plan on several applications.

The pheromone traps for Japanese beetles also have their place – far away from the plants that you are trying to protect!

Crabgrass is another pest in the yard that we are getting a lot of calls about. Prevention with preemergent products in February and again in April are the best control; however, Image should give you some control now with multiple applications. Read and follow product label as always.

Prevent Chinch Bugs the easy way this year with Aloft. One application now should prevent them for the rest of the season. IC3 will also manage “The Nasty Rascal, The Chinch Bug”. Bifen and Cyonara will not last as long as Aloft; however, they control many other pests in the yard as a bonus.

Mosquitoes, rats, fleas, and roaches – prevention!!

Always read, understand and follow product label. The product label is a Federal Law.