Monday, February 18, 2013

"Green" Killers

Last week’s mention of some new “green” products in the industry, stirred up a few questions about the effectiveness and the names of these “green” products. The terms LEED, NOP (National Organic Program) compliant, and FIFRA 25(b) exempt will be used in this article to describe the products “green” credentials.  When I talk or write about new products, the products could be on the market for several years and I have just received enough results from the field to know the product will work well enough to recommend. Manufactures sometimes have to modify their formulas for better results, as well. The “green” products are a big push in the Pest Control Industry, so this article will have several parts.

The Essentria line of products by Envincio are getting great reviews. The products are N.O.P. compliant and FIFRA 25(b) exempt.  The essential oils that comprise the active ingredients in Essentria products work by disrupting the neurotransmitter function in target insects. In invertebrates, with their simpler nervous systems, a multi-functional chemical known as octopamine handles many of these functions. By targeting octopamine receptors, these essential oils provide insecticidal activity with a much wider margin of safety than other products. Because vertebrates like birds, fish, dogs and people don’t have octopamine receptors; they are not affected by this unique mode of action.

Essentria IC3 is a liquid that has a very broad label. Inside some of the insects it is labeled for include: exposed stages of crawling insects including, but not limited to, ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, cadelles, cigarette beetles, dark mealworms, dried fruit beetles, drugstore beetles, confused floor beetles, fleas, grain mites, fowl mites, mites, nuisance beetles (such as lady beetles), red flour beetles, rice weevils, sawtoothed grain beetles, spiders, spider beetles, and yellow mealworms. Outside some of the insects it will control on turf include: Ants, Armyworms, Billbugs, Chinch Bugs, Chiggers, Crickets, Cutworms, Earwigs, Fleas, Grasshoppers, Hyperodes Weevils (adults), Japanese Beetles (adults), Mole Crickets, Sod Webworms and Ticks.

IC3 can also be used safely on docks for spiders, mosquitoes and gnats. Bees, wasps, flies, and biting flies are also on the label.

Two other products in the Essentria line of products are a granular product that is great for lawns and an aerosol that is used mainly indoors for bedbugs, fleas, and their eggs. Controlling the eggs is a huge benefit especially with these two nuisance bugs. There is also a wasp, hornet, and yellow jacket killer that knocks them dead out of the air.

Preemerge for small seeded summer annual weeds now!

Always read, understand and follow product label. The product label is a Federal Law.