Monday, November 14, 2011

Fall Fleas and other goings on

The great Lowcountry weather continues. We could definitely use some rain. The people that put out ryegrass in non-irrigated areas would certainly like some rain before the temperatures get too cold for the rye to germinate and thicken up. Fleas seemed to have exploded in population in the past two weeks. The never ending mole activity seems to have increased. On a positive note at Possum’s have been getting very positive feedback on Excellerator (Excell), Dog Rocks and SeaHume Granular.

Even though we are in prime Large Brown Patch season, the turf needs some water. These low humidity, windy days can really dry out turf, trees, and plants. Plants and turf that are dehydrated are not healthy, so it is more susceptible to disease and other damage. Wear damage from dogs is always an issue with dehydrated turf.

Speaking of dogs, something triggered fleas to get active again and terrorize our pets. The population exploded! The dry weather then the rain we had was most likely the trigger; however, we could say it had something to do with the full moon, high tide, and Halloween (blood sucking fleas).

Controlling fleas is a multi-step activity if you are a do it yourselfer, or a one step process if you like to let the professional handle the job (pick up phone and call a Pest Management Company).

For fleas the right product is crucial. Look for one with an adulticide and a growth regulator in it. Product names to look for include Precor 2000 and Ultracide. These products are easy to use aerosols that kill the adult fleas and prevent fleas that come out later into developing into adult fleas. Vacuum, spray, let dry, and vacuum again. The vibration from vacuuming brings the flea out of the larva stage and into the adult stage that the control products are designed to be effective against. Always empty your vacuum or the bag of your vacuum outside or your vacuum will be a source for spreading the fleas.

Treat your animal with Petcor or Bio Spot. Both of these products have an adulticide and a growth regulator and do a fabulous job compared to a much more expensive highly advertised product (at about one third of the price).

The yard should be treated with Cyonara and Nylar. Again, the Cyonara will knock down the adults and the Nylar is a growth regulator that will help break up the life cycle of the flea. Nylar also works on roaches and mosquitoes as a bonus.

Unless something major happens, I will continue these topics next week.

Always read, understand and follow product label. The product label is a Federal Law.