Monday, May 16, 2011

Those Lowcountry Insects

We are in the Lowcountry and we have insects and other crawling and flying pests. Is the family dog itching more than usual? Are moths and other insects flying around a light outside your front door and every time you open the front door at night they fly in your home? Does your dog or do your kids get ticks? What about those scratchy chiggers? Do you like spiders? Does your spouse? Do your kids? Everyone loves a nice mound of fire ants to step in, right? Do you like to look at the beautiful drilling that a carpenter bee can do in your untreated wood work? How about those lovely moths in your cabinets in the kitchen? When outside, flies, wasps, yellow jackets and bees can add excitement to the party. Can you believe I have not even mentioned mosquitoes and cockroaches?

Fleas started early this year. If your pet is itching, there is a good chance fleas have made a home on him or her. Fleas are hard to control because as a population of them they are in many stages of their life cycle at any one time. Using products that contain a growth regulator are very important with fleas because not all control products work on all stages of flea’s life cycle.

The light outside the front door is a magnet to insects. There are lights available that do not attract insects as much as others do. A spray with EcoPCO WPX, a botanical based insecticide, around the light and in the general area, including your front door, will go a long way towards keeping those flying pest out of your home.

If chiggers are getting the best of you, consider using EcoEXEMPT G, a granular formulation of plant oils proven to kill insects. If you would rather spray, EcoPCO WPX should do the job.

EcoPCO WPX and EcoEXEMPT G will work on most of the pest mentioned in the first paragraph; however, you will want to use one of the formulations of Cyonara to control the ticks and mosquitoes.

EcoPCO WPX, Cyonara and EcoEXEMPT G will work on most turf and landscape pests as well. Next time you are surfing the web or at Possum’s check out a label and see if these products are right for you.

Always read, understand and follow product label. The product label is a Federal Law.