Monday, May 31, 2010

The “green” list continues…

EcoPCO WP-X is a newer product made from three botanical insecticides that can help fill in the gaps (or cracks and crevices – a little Pest Control Manager lingo) of a “green” program. EcoPCO WP-X can be used indoors and outdoors. Chinch bugs, spiders, fire ants, cockroaches, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, wasps, aphids, Japanese beetles, lace bugs, white flies, thrips, fleas, pantry pests, fruit flies, fungus gnats and many, many others pests are controlled with this product.

A good place to start with this product is to establish a barrier around your house. Spray a six to ten foot band of a solution of this product over the mulch and soil around the house. Use at least one to five gallons of the spray solution per 800 to 1600 square feet. The more water you use while spraying, the better penetration into the mulch or soil you would get, giving you a better kill. Down in the mulch is usually where the critters live. Good penetration is important for any product you want to use as a barrier treatment (always read and follow product label).

Spray the sides of your house two to three feet high as well. This band will keep the cockroaches and other critters from crawling up your house and slipping into your home through a crack or crevice. Around doors, windows, porches, screens, eaves, patios, garages, around porch lights, pipes entering the house, and other points of entry are also good places to spray EcoPCO WP-X.

If some insects or spiders got through your barrier, you can treat inside with this product as well. Identify the pest and follow the label on the EcoPCO WP-X tub.

Armyworms, chinch bugs, sod webworms, chiggers, fire ants, mole crickets and many other insects that you might find in your yard are controlled with EcoPCO WP-X. For controlling chinch bugs in St. Augustine grass, EcoPCO WP-X provides a good “green” alternative. Again, you would want to use a lot of water with the product to get the product down into the thatch where the critters live.

Aphids, Japanese beetles, thrips, lace bugs, mealy bugs, white flies and many of your ornamental pests can be controlled with EcoPCO WP-X. No more free lunch!

Always read, understand, and follow product label.