Monday, November 25, 2019

I Confess

Horticulture Hotline 11/25/19
  Bill Lamson-Scribner

I, Bill Lamson-Scribner, must confess.

Paul Mulkey (AKA Super Garden Hero) and I often talk (on “The Garden Clinic” radio show) about that one side of the yard that is not visited or inspected as often as the rest of the yard. The side yard away from the driveway is the usual suspect. Often the side where your air conditioner / heater units are located. For whatever reason the flow of your landscape doesn’t direct you to that side of your house very often.

Well a few weeks ago I was approached by an ambitious young lady that wanted to earn a little extra money (White Claw motivated would be my guess), and offered to mow my yard. I usually like to mow my own yard to scout for weeds and insects and to take a break from looking at soil test reports and other Possum’s paper work; however, with a lot of soil tests to review on my desk and college football in full swing, I figured I would give her a try.

Due to the daylight hours shrinking, my lawn only needed mowing once every 2 weeks. She mowed the yard twice, so I didn’t see that less travelled side yard for a month, until I went over there to check on my lemon tree to see how it did in the cold weather we had the other night.

Much to my surprise, those ruthless fall army worms had devoured my less travelled side yard! No respect! The many stories of these ruthless munchers that I have heard in Possum’s had occurred right in my yard. I put my guard down for one month late in the season in the part of the yard less travelled, and they chowed on my yard that was looking so good. If the fall army worms would have attacked anywhere else in my yard, I would have seen them and treated for them. They knew where to attack? B@st@rd$!

My grass cutter has gone back to Montana and my yard recovered (thanks to some Cotton Burr Compost Love), so all is good at the Lamson-Scribner house for the Holiday Season.

Happy Holidays!

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