Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Money and Water Saver

Horticulture Hotline 12/19/18
By Bill Lamson-Scribner

Top ways to save money in the landscape:

Wetting Agent – a product that helps water move deeper into the soil. Possum’s Wetting Agent with Biostimulants will help soften clay and get rid of those localized dry spots in your lawn. Wetting agents have shown to reduce watering needs from 33% to 66% in Arizona and other areas where water is limited. If you could go from watering three times a week down to once a week or not at all, think of the savings!

 The benefits of using a wetting agent would be far greater than just the savings with the water company. Since the water would penetrate deeper into the soil, the root systems of your grass and plants would grow deeper. As the roots of your grass and plants slough off and are replaced by new roots, organic material is increasing in the area were these roots are shed, creating a deeper topsoil area.

 A deeper root system will help in times of drought and can collect more nutrients from the soil. If you use fertilizer, a deeper root system can absorb more nutrients before they leach away; therefore, you can use lower fertilizer rates. If you use root absorbed systemic fungicides or insecticides, a deeper root system will also “catch” these products more efficiently giving you more “bang for your buck”.

When it rains, a yard treated with a wetting agent has less runoff. The rain penetrates the ground much easier, keeping the rain in your yard and not in the storm water drains. If you have ever poured water out on a dusty dirt road, and watched the water bead up and not penetrate the road, you have witnessed a hydrophobic soil condition. If you add a little wetting agent to this water and poured it on the same road, the water would penetrate the dusty dirt road. By keeping the water in your lawn, you will have the benefit of the water and we will have less runoff into our marshes.

The biggest savings from using a wetting agent will come from reduced use of fungicides. Fungicides are expensive to use and by watering less, fungus populations should decrease.

There are many different wetting agents available. I mentioned Possum’s Wetting Agent with Biostimulants specifically because it is packaged as a ready to spray (RTS) product that can be connected to a hose and sprayed without mixing. This packaging makes it very easy to use for the homeowner. Possum’s Wetting Agent with Biostimulants is also available in many other sizes (quarts, gallons, 2.5 gallons, 30 gallons, 55 gallons) in a concentrate formulation.

Here is a little teaser for the next installment of our series on how to save money in the landscape. “Possum’s tested the soil and furnished a printout that offers a monthly schedule of specific amendments to improve the soil’s condition. Best garden money ever spent!”  Cynthia Webb

Always read, understand and follow product label. The product label is a Federal Law.

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