Monday, January 2, 2017

Top Performers 2016 Part 2

Here are some more top performers from 2016:

Pro-Pest Professional Rodent Lure is a lure for mice and rats that works! Usually I would start a new year off writing about something a little more romantic than rodents; however, with all the construction and with the Lowcountry being the most hospitable place in the world the rodents, bedbugs, and roaches have come here too!
Use Pro-Pest Professional Rodent Lure with a snap trap or glue board and you will notice the difference. The matrix of attractants is peanut-free for those with allergies (or for the professionals treating accounts that must be peanut-free) and is really attractive to bait shy rodents. I have had several pictures of two rats caught on one trap sent to me by professionals using this aromatic blend of food-grade products.

Holiday Festival of Lights at James Island County Park. It is not the holiday season around our house without several trips through the light show. To think it has been going on for twenty-seven years and the excitement is still there (with some of mine I think it is because the smores are still there).
Considered one of the:
“Top 100 Events in North America,” American Bus Association
 “Top 10 Light Shows in the USA,” America’s Best Online
“Third Best Public Lights Display in the US,” USA Today’s 10 Best Readers’ Choice  Award. Just to name a few of the Holiday Festival of Lights recent accolades. When travelling during the holiday season, I know I have toured other light shows, and none of them hold a candle to the Holiday Festival of Lights.                         

Growth regulators helped out with plants and pests this year. Bed bug, fire ant, roach and flea control success has been greatly increased by the addition of growth regulators. Customers controlling fleas outdoors and indoors were aided by the addition of growth regulators. The addition of a growth regulator to a contact kill product greatly increased the success of managing a pest population by disrupting the insect’s life cycle. Once you kill the pest, there are no new ones to replace them.
With all the rain plant growth regulators helped many contractors and brave homeowners control the growth of their plants or turf with a control product instead of a mower or hedge trimmer. With all the rain this fall, some yards were hard to keep maintained with a mower because they were too wet. The right application of a plant growth regulator can easily cut your need to mow in half to even a quarter of the frequency that you usually mow. If you do not want to do your whole yard, consider doing the edges along your sidewalk, driveway, and bed lines. Less edging means more time for other activities.
The growth of your shrubs can also be controlled by plant growth regulators. Less hedging means more time for other activities. Just think no hedging (extension cord?), no clean up, no paper bag by street – priceless.

Invict Gold Cockroach Gel for roach control is one of those products that friends tell friends about. Customers will walk up to the counter and say, “my neighbor (substitute brother, sister, cousin, guy I drink beer with, girlfriend, buddy, mother, father, person I go to church with … you get the idea) says I need to try Invict Gold Cockroach Gel for my cousin (since no one admits they have roaches).” Invict Gold Cockroach Gel is a great product to rotate with to introduce a new bait matrix and new active ingredient to avoid bait aversion.  Invict Gold Cockroach Gel is a very fast acting bait compared to other baits.

I had a friend (known him since second grade and horticulturist from Clemson) call me about roach control. He had been using a different gel, so I suggested Invict Gold Cockroach Gel to mix up the active ingredients and bait matrix. He called me the next day to report the success he had. He called me back again later to let me know his wife (a lawyer) had read great reviews about Invict Gold Cockroach Gel online. A little online confirmation never hurts.

I always wonder who writes the online reviews…

Always read, understand and follow product label. The product label is a Federal Law.