Monday, October 19, 2015

Rain - Last Article on this, Hopefully

I don’t know if it is because we (Possum’s) sell to Pest Management Professional companies and I have heard the horror stories about termites, bedbugs, rats, fleas, mosquitoes, spiders and roaches from the technicians that battle them, or it is all the seminars I have attended and trade magazine articles I have read about these insects, but I feel like I need to repeat this paragraph from last week’s “Horticulture Hotline” for the safety of what is probably your biggest investment besides your kids – your home.

Check around the foundation of your house, especially around downspouts, for erosion that could affect your termite protection for your home. Look for water underneath your house as well. Check with your Pest Management Professional to be sure your home is protected from termites and moisture issues.

Not all homes will need to be re-treated; however, some might. If your hot water heater or HVAC unit is outside and needed to be replaced, the termite treatment zone may have been affected. Instead of areas being washed away, debris and soil could have pile up over the treatment area, giving the ever crafty termite a bridge to access your home.

If your house was treated with Bora-Care, another borate product, or bait stations, you have some other things to consider.

Again, get your Pest Management Professional to take a look, and be nice because they have been very busy. The Pest Management Professional will have your best interest in mind because their company (or insurance company) probably has a bond on your house.
Your contract will determine who is responsible for payment of any work with such a strange occurrence.

The worms are still going crazy. Under the cover of darkness and rain, they eat your lawn when the birds don’t see them. We have had our share of rain recently. In two days of last week alone, I saw an Episcopal Church, a Priest’s home (Greek), about 6,000 square feet of new zoysia sod, a meadow in a park where kids and adults play, and a large sports complex where kids and adults play chowed upon. Let’s send these worms to get their 72 virgins or meet their maker. They obviously have no discretion. If you have moths flying around your turf or beds in the evening, beware. Worms generally require multiple applications of control products.

The rain has stripped your soil of most of its nutrients. Do you like to go to sleep at 11:00 pm after only eating breakfast at 5:00 am? Please feed your trees, shrubs, and lawn, so they have some protection from cold, insects, and disease this winter. SeaHume, 00-00-25, Excell, and / or Cotton Burr Compost are a few good healthy choices to send your landscape to dormancy with a full belly.