Monday, March 30, 2015

A Few More Spring Activities

We are getting some beautiful days to work in the yard, and after a rough winter, the yard need a little attention.

Oh, those lovely oaks and their leaves and their tassels. Time to rake, blow, and / or mulch your leaves to get them off your lawn areas. Leaves trap moisture and block sunlight from your turf areas, which is great in beds (we call it mulch), but not so good for lawns. When talking to lawn care companies, it amazes me when they tell me that they went to ten yards and could only treat six because the leaves in the yard.

Over the next month, many of us will be applying (or have someone else apply) different products to the lawn for fungus, weeds, and to fertilize, so having the leaves up will insure a uniform application of product.

One part of my job at Possum’s is working with athletic fields and it always amazes me how much difference the field looks verses the surrounding area. The grounds superintendent puts out a preemergent herbicide and the field has little to no winter weeds. Right outside the fence in the untreated area there are all kinds of winter weeds.

The same goes for mole crickets. Right off of the playing surface, there are mole cricket tunnels everywhere. Be sure to treat for mole crickets in your yard. Mole cricket mating season is now and they are doing a lot of tunneling near the surface causing damage to turf. The grasses we have in this area slough off their roots as they begin to grow in the spring, so the last thing the grass needs is a mole cricket separating its young new roots from the soil and drying out the grass plant.

Since our grasses slough off their roots at this time, our (Possum’s) 04-00-10 (Perk) is great to apply. We spray a growth regulator designed to grow roots onto this fertilizer and enhance it with humic acid (also helps to grow roots), so your turf and plants get off to a healthy start.  

With all the rain, fleas have been really bad all winter. Treating inside your house with a growth regulator before you have an issue can go a long to avoiding the flea battle.  Treating your pet with Prefurred One or Prefurred Plus will keep the fleas at bay.

Fire ants are numerous and visible because of the rain. A product like Bug Blaster will help with fire ants, mole crickets, and fleas.