Monday, December 1, 2014

Top Performers 2014

Products and people recognized for their top performance in 2014:

Charleston Riverdog’s own Mike Williams won the South Atlantic Leagues Field of the Year honors for Riley Park. Mike’s hard work, attention to detail, and dedication keep him in contention for this award even though this field is shared with the Citadel, SOCON tournament, concerts, beer festivals, and many other events.

Dog Rocks are from Down Under (Australia) and they neutralize the acid in dog urine eliminating those yellow dead spots.
“Dog Rocks – Rock!!” exclaimed Billy Dennis. “I was skeptical…, but they worked.”
“My grass doesn’t have dead spots,” stated Rosie Herman.

The SeaHume &  15-00-15 Combo for lawns. Used by many, praised by many (including myself). A fertilizer that is designed for this area combined with a biostimulant product that does very well with our soils.
“Got troubled areas in the yard growing grass again - grass more than tripled in thickness,” said Anita Granade.
For the Trifecta of Green, add some Cotton Burr Compost!

Cyonara RTS is a very broad based insecticide. Ants, fleas, mosquitoes, army worms, spittlebugs, scale, mites, chinch bugs, roaches, and many, many more.
“Controls insect problems and is easy to use,” says Robert Johnson. “I also get results with Repellex Mole Repellent and Cotton Burr Compost.”

Happy Frog and Ocean Forest potting soils have a lot more in them than just bark and sand. The earthworm castings, humic acid, bat guano, and all the other ‘goodies’ keep people coming back.
“I’m in the process of converting all of my potted and hanging plants with Happy Frog and Ocean Forest soil mix. The neighbors compliments have me beaming,” states Donna McKuhen. Donna goes on to say, “The staff at Possum’s is very helpful! Their suggestions have given me amazing results in my vegetable and flower gardens. Cotton Burr Compost and Maxforce Magnum (for roaches) have worked well.”

07-00-09 Palm, Citrus Fertilizer, and anything else Fertilizer. We have sold this fertilizer for palms and sago’s for many years with great success. A commercial palm grower who move away from this area, gives this product high accolades every time I run into her at a trade shows along with many other people. Since citrus like magnesium to help hold their blooms on the tree, this product has worked great on citrus as well. Since the nitrogen and potassium are 100% slow release and this fertilizer is loaded with minor nutrients, 07-00-09 will help out many types of turf or plants.

Back To Nature product line is a perennial powerhouse. Cotton Burr Compost, Flower Bed Amendment, Nature’s Blend, Cow Manure, and Chicken Manure are often imitated but never duplicated. “There’s cheap compost. There’s good compost. But there’s no good cheap compost.”  

If you have a product you would like to nominate, just go by a Possum’s and let them know.

Always read, understand and follow product label. The product label is a Federal Law.

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