Sunday, June 8, 2014

Fleas, Drain Flies, Roaches, Mosquitoes, and Flies - Oh My

If you haven’t already, it is time to get a ‘ jump’ on fleas. I can tell from the questions I get and the sales at Possum’s, fleas are getting active. The best control comes from a three prong approach of treating the animal, your house, and your yard, while using a growth regulator to prevent the fleas from reproducing.

Prefurred One or Prefurred Plus are post patented Fipronil products that you apply directly to your dog or cat every 30 days. Being a “generic”, the price has dropped significantly (customers tell us 30 to 50 percent off). Petcor, Biospot or a flea collar will also protect your animal. Flee, a new Fipronil based spray product, is getting good reviews.

Be proactive and treat the house with a product that contains a growth regulator. Precor 2000, Ultracide, I G regulator, Pivot, EcoVia (National Organics Program compliant but no growth regulator) and Alpine Flea Insecticide are a few good products for use in the house. If you apply these products before you have an issue, your success will be much greater and will save you from all the vacuuming, washing of beds and the sleepless nights with a scratching pet.

Treat your yard and bed areas with EcoVia (National Organics Program compliant), Essentria G (National Organics Program compliant), Bug Blasters, or Sevin.

Pivot 10 is a growth regulator that can be used inside and outside. Research show indoors it last about 7 months and outdoors between 30 and 60 days depending on rainfall and other environmental factors. Pivot controls many pests from drain flies to house flies to roaches to mosquitoes to fleas and many other common pests in the Lowcountry. Drain flies, flies, roaches, mosquitoes, and fleas are always bad this time of year, so now is a great time to apply Pivot 10.

By treating the family pet, the home and the yard proactively, you should have good success against the flea. If this sounds like too much work or a project you would rather have a professional tackle, there are many good Pest Management Professionals.

Watch out for flies and stinging pest like wasps. This is their time of year as well!