Sunday, March 16, 2014

Getting Real Close To Spring

Wow, these nice warm days are making it seem like springtime. The State Flower, Carolina Jasmine, is very visible with its yellow flowers. Maples are tasseling; fig trees and bald cypress are putting on their new foliage along with many other trees and shrubs.
Have you fed your shrubs and trees this year?                                               

Shrubs and trees like humans and dogs need food to remain healthy. Without food and water, insects and disease have the upper hand in turning the tree into compost. In nature, insects and disease are constantly putting pressure on healthy trees to eliminate them. Then the termites and other secondary fungi move in and act as Mother Nature’s disposal system. A well fed tree or shrub can finned off these attacks. Please feed your trees and shrubs! If there was a commercial showing neglected trees and shrubs like the commercial for the neglected dogs, I bet more people would feed their trees and shrubs.

I’m feeling good. I finally got my preemerge and SeaHume out on my lawn and beds. To save some time I used a preemerge with fertilizer in my bed areas. My yard is divided into six areas and one of those areas the moles have been having a St. Patrick Day celebration to beat the band. Tunnels everywhere! No respect! That will be my next project. If someone could run the moles out of Charleston, they would have at least a week long celebration for them.

I gave a talk for the Alhambra Garden Club last week and about all we talked about was moles. People work so hard on their landscapes and they just tear it up. Again, no respect!

I have been seeing a lot of scale insects in the landscape. This is a great time to drench your plants with Dominion and protect the new foliage.

I was talking to my neighbor, and he mentioned he went to start his mower and the battery or starter was bad. Time to make sure that mower is ready to do its thing or you might have to buy another one while you wait for yours to get fixed!