Monday, May 6, 2013

Brown Patch / Large Patch and other Yard Happenings

Another cool, rainy, overcast, and nasty weekend in the Lowcountry, and the fungus just loves these conditions. I saw fungus Sunday afternoon in places I have never seen fungus before. Unfortunately, looking at the 10 day weather forecast, indicates that the conditions that favor fungus development are going to be with us for at least 10 more days.

Last week I wrote about large patch / brown patch fungus. If you missed the article or want to review it after this weekend’s rain, you can go to and look under the Horticulture Hotline tab.

This Spring has been the worst for lawn fungus I can remember. If you decide not to treat with a fungicide, your grass will thin out and opportunistic weeds will move in to fill in the bare spots. If you want a weed free lawn, you will then have to treat the weeds, assuming a product will be labeled to treat them, and grow the grass back in. Instead of going through all that, it is probably best to use a “professional strength” systemic fungicide like Disarm or Cleary’s 3336.

Here is a list of a few other things going on in the yard:

Soil tested?  Custom Program written? Apply the products that your soil needs instead of guessing. Doing soil tests are cheaper and provide better results than random applications. Why do you think sport’s turf managers soil test?

Huge fleshy leaves on new growth of camellias and azaleas? Leaf gall? Remove infected leaves and destroy. Loves this weather too!

Fertilize daffodils and spray them with Mighty Plant for bigger bulbs next year. Leave the leaves (foliage) to collect sunlight to refurbish bulb for next year.

Adult mole crickets are mating – manage them. Lebanon Insect Control

Fire ants are starting to forage – manage them.  Lebanon Insect Control, Baits.

Grubs are near the surface – manage them.  Lebanon Insect Control, Grub X

Prune azaleas, camellias and other spring flowering plants after they bloom? Wait on Gardenias for now.

Is Powdery mildew attacking roses, crepe myrtles, dogwoods?  Neem PY (organic), Honor Guard.

Fertilized Palm Trees with 07-00-09 (the most awesome Palm Fertilizer)?

Get a “jump” on fleas this year. Lebanon Insect Control, Bug Blaster outside. Precor 2000, Inverted Carpet Spray, Alpine Flea Insecticide with IGR or Ultracide all have an adulticide as well as a growth regulator and are labeled for indoor use. Prefurred Plus or Bio Spot to apply to pet.