Monday, January 16, 2012

SeaHume, Wetting Agents, Custom Programs

Last week I met with the Mt Pleasant Garden Club. We were talking about SeaHume G, Wetting Agents, Cotton Burr Compost, soil tests, custom programs, organic fertilizer and many other products. It was great because I would mention a product and several people would talk about how great it had worked for them.

One person had used SeaHume G on her shrubs that were a pale green. She lives in an area with challenging soils to say the least. The SeaHume G helped to green them right up.

When we were talking about saving money on the water bill by using wetting agents, this same lady (I know her name; however, I have not asked her if I could use it) had used wetting agents on a berm that always dried out quicker than the rest of her yard. By using the wetting agent, she did not have to overwater the rest of her yard to keep the berm watered.

I see overwatering a lot with flower beds that are not on a zone of their own. People will overwater their turf or shrubs to water their flowers. The turf will be diseased and the shrubs will be drowning, but the water is running for the flowers.

Preparing the flower beds with flower bed amendment, mule mix, SeaHume, 04-04-04 Bolster and a wetting agent will help reduce the flower’s water needs, and the flowers should not dry out so quickly. The flowers should quickly establish a massive root system and require less water.

Many of the people had taken advantage of Possum’s soil test and custom programs to help them know what to do and when (win) for their soil. Some of the people purchased several months of product in advance, so when they were ready to spread, the product was waiting in their garage for them.

I wanted to congratulate Michael Henry, Head Groundskeeper for Porter Gaud School, for winning Pioneer Paint’s “Field of Excellence” award for the Cyclones football field. This award is for all the state of SC and the eastern part of Ga. A lot of hard work goes into these sports turf fields, so it is good to see so many customers of Possum’s winning these different awards.

Have you taken a soil test recently? The time is now!

Always read, understand and follow product label. The product label is a Federal Law.