Monday, October 10, 2011

More Fall Happenings in the Yard

Have you noticed how loaded the pecan trees are this year? The branches are so heavy with nuts that they are breaking off the tree. If you like to grill with a little pecan wood smoke flavor, this is the perfect time to pick up some small limbs to add to your grill. If you have a pecan tree that has lost limbs, you might want to have an arborist inspect the tree after it loses its leaves for water collecting cavities and unhealthy rips in the bark.

Mosquitoes have been extra heavy the past few weeks after all the rain we had. Scout around you property for anything that might collect water. Fountains, tires, bird baths, saucers underneath potted plants, buckets, a tarp covering firewood or a boat and many other water holding areas provide the water for mosquito breeding. I had just a small dent in the lid of one of my trash cans that collected about three tablespoons of water, and I could see the larva swimming in it. The other place I found some larva was in the base of my basketball goal. These hoops are located in driveways across the Lowcountry. You fill the base with water to stabilize the basket, and the lid that goes over the hole that you put the water in disappears, making a great mosquito breeding area.

Mosquito Repelling Granular is an organic product that does a great job of keeping an area free of mosquitoes. I did not pick figs off my fig tree until I started using this around the area of the tree. We sell this product to people that cater parties and host outdoor events. The product really works. Cyonara is another product we sell a lot of to control many insects in the yard that works great on mosquitoes.

The fall rains also encouraged the fire ants to form mounds and become very visible. For your safety and the safety of others (Halloween is not far away), it is time to kill the fire ant. Fire Ant Killer with Conserve is a natural product. Fire Ant baits are still very effective (watch the weather) and considered to be safe. Cyonara will also do a number on these stinging pests.

Large Patch Fungus (Brown Patch) is very active in lawns right now. Disarm, Prophesy or Cleary’s are all good systemic fungicides. Disarm will give you longer control. Unfortunately, fungus prevention / control usually require multiple applications depending on the weather.

Always read, understand and follow product label. The product label is a Federal Law.