Monday, September 12, 2011

Perimeter Pest Control

After sending out our five star alerts on sod webworms, I had several people thank me for the “head’s up.” They were able to catch the damage early and have the grass recover from the munching very quickly.

We are still getting calls about this pest, so keep scouting your yard for areas of grass that look mowed; even though, you have not mowed them. Look for a high population of moths in your yard at dusk as well. The moth will fly up from the ground in a zigzag pattern and land again very quickly.

With the cooling weather, the time is right for killing roaches, spiders, and other nuisance invaders with a perimeter spray of insecticides around your house. I really do not like killing spiders because like snakes most of the spiders are considered beneficial. Unfortunately, spider and snakes get classified as “the only good one is a dead one” around here.

Establishing a barrier will keep unwanted guest out of your house as the weather cools. There are several products on the market that will nail these roaches (along with many other pests). Bifen, Viper, Cyonara Lawn and Garden, Tirade, Niban (“green”) and EcoPCO WP X (“green”) are a small sample of many products that are available.

Generally, treating the perimeter involves spraying 3 to 10 feet out from your house in the mulched areas. Apply plenty of water with the product to carry it down into the mulch where the pests are hiding. You could also use a granular product in these areas.

Also spray about 3 feet up the side of your house, around windows, porches, lights, garages, eaves, garbage areas and other areas where pests may be found. Read and follow label directions for the specifics of doing a perimeter treatment for the product you choose to use.

There are many new laws about the packaging and application of rodent killing products that went into effect this year. So if mice or rats have been an issue in the past, expect a change in your old favorite bait and how you apply it.

If you are not a “do it yourselfer”, there are a bunch of great Pest Management Professionals in the area that would love to do this treatment for you.