Monday, December 6, 2010

Holiday Gifts 2

Horticulture Hotline 11/29/10

By Bill Lamson-Scribner

Last week I wrote about getting your trees trimmed for a practical Holiday present that could save you other problems in the future. One reason that I did not get to because of the restraints of space that is very important especially in the humid Lowcountry is to provide air movement around your house.

We have all seen algae, mildew, mold, and fungus grow on houses that are in deep shade. The paint that protects the wood is damaged by these organisms and rot moves into the wood. High moisture wood could also invite termite activity. A properly trimmed tree will provide sunlight and air movement around your house, keeping it dry and not so inviting to those nasty rot causing organisms.

Hiring a landscape company to take care of your landscaping is another great gift this year. With so many job cuts over the last few years, the people who still have a job are doing the work of two to three people. They are also getting furloughed and having to get the job done in less hours. When you have leisure time, it would be nice to spend it doing something besides mowing grass, edging sidewalks, and trimming bushes. Over the weekend I was talking to the person who caters US Airways Thanksgiving meal for the people who have to work Thanksgiving Day in their North Carolina office. The number of people working has gone from 600 in 2007 to 400 in 2009 to 200 in 2010. I would imagine those that are working are working a little harder and happy to have a job.

Hiring a lawn care company to fertilize and manage the weeds and diseases is another great gift idea. This person could be the same person that is mowing your lawn or a separate company that specializes in the application of products. The lawn care industry is changing very fast right now with new products (many of which are greener) and new regulations. Someone that works in this industry everyday might be a huge asset to your landscape.

A Pest Management Professional to protect your family and home from disease spreading, asthma causing, dog biting, wood eating, night time biting, wire chewing, structure damaging uninvited guests is a good reason to hire a pest management company. Bed bugs have made a comeback and are terrorizing many infants and people in their sleep.

The pest management industry is also changing very fast. Safer more effective products are coming to market regularly. The pest management professional is constantly being trained in the proper use of these products and other cultural practices to make your home and family safe.